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Bad Songs?!?!

2007-08-13 20:55:18 by IGPX

Hey y'all, listen...the Sonic - Green Hill song is not mine, i got this one mixed up (my pc crashed and everything that i owned is messed up, i dont know what song belongs to who...)
Sorry aboot that!

Listen, you all don't have to be such a freaking hard asses on a guy that has 3 jobs and a dying pc and a pregnant girlfriend, i got some stupid f*cking virus that is eating away at my pc. I'm sorry that the song was not my TRUE SONIC GREEN HILL SONG...

I don't want a fight or a enemies...ok? I got enough people who hate my guts because their songs "suck", last thing i want is to be shunned from Newgrounds because of some virus that is making all my songs and doc's all no-names.

Next time, please just send me a Private Message saying that's not my song... ok? Thanks, IGPX