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Bad Songs?!?!

2007-08-13 20:55:18 by IGPX

Hey y'all, listen...the Sonic - Green Hill song is not mine, i got this one mixed up (my pc crashed and everything that i owned is messed up, i dont know what song belongs to who...)
Sorry aboot that!

Listen, you all don't have to be such a freaking hard asses on a guy that has 3 jobs and a dying pc and a pregnant girlfriend, i got some stupid f*cking virus that is eating away at my pc. I'm sorry that the song was not my TRUE SONIC GREEN HILL SONG...

I don't want a fight or a enemies...ok? I got enough people who hate my guts because their songs "suck", last thing i want is to be shunned from Newgrounds because of some virus that is making all my songs and doc's all no-names.

Next time, please just send me a Private Message saying that's not my song... ok? Thanks, IGPX


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2007-09-19 22:16:26

PC crash or not, 3 jobs or not, listen to a damn song before you post it. When you upload a song to NG, you are making a claim that it IS YOUR work and NOT someone elses. If YOU yourself did not COMPOSE the piece YOURSELF, then don't post it on this site.

That's why you had people raining fire and brimstone on you.

IGPX responds:

Ok, man, DO U HAVE THE FUCKING TIME TO DO THAT!!!!!!! Listen, I really don't want to fight, i'm not in the fucking mood.... and u right shit like that to me, I'm gonna BAN UR FUCKING ASS OFF THE NG ACCOUNTS!!!! I gave you a answer to what happened to my life and, well, i'm sorry....but it you assholes that don't fucking get it! THE FUCKING WORLD IS NOT GOING TO FUCKING FALL APART 'CUZ OF WHAT I "ACCIDENTALLY" DID!!!!!!! So, again, I really REALLY don't want to fight, and if i see you on my page or talking to me personally again, UR ASS IS AS GOOD AS THE NEXT FUCKER WHO TALKS FUCKING SHIT ABOUT MY GIRLFRIEND!

I want to see someone else have the same problem that I am going through AND be able to take care of it, normally! If you can't well, "setu-Firestorm" GET THE FUCK LOST!!!!!!!! Again, if I see you messaging me or even talking to me, say goodbye to ur account, 'nuff said!


2008-02-11 18:35:16

From what I have observed over these past 2 years, Setu is absoloutly right.

there are some songs that I've found on some other sites that I though would be very much enjoied by the NG community. However, I can not in good faith post such material because such an act would be considdered by most as an act of theft.

Not only that but the system NG runs by with the voting and reviews would inevitably give me some kind of score for work that is not mine.

how is doing such a thing ethical?

Instead of flaming in your replies to people, it may help to just cool things down a bit and explain yourself a bit more calmly. It's even possable that someone may try to help you.

After all, isn't this site about entertaining others with your ideas?

IGPX responds:

Righty oh, i would normally agree with you....but majority of the people on NG are really jumpy (and testy) over the stupidest things! U wont believe how many people wanted to come over here and either shoot/kill/slice/near-death event/or something of that sort. So really trying to keep a cool head with the other moronic hotheads is...well....almost impossible! I know that i unfortunatly placed a song that wasn't mine....but how was i suppose to know? Even after 2 years (of the horrible virus/pc crash to da max/and girlfriend getting pregnant (who actually was pregnant with another guy) its really hard to post my songs.

I found out that my girlfriend was not pregnant with me but another guy! Keeping my cool, i took care of her (and only her!) until the father came back. Normally, that would be a very pissing moment....but think about it? I'm not a dad! (yet)!

I'd like to hear from you come back and leave a post!
Signed by your friend, IGPX!


2008-06-26 10:57:13

Ugg Comp's can be a bitch =/. Useful, but a real pain in the ass. Makes your mood go FUBAR. Sorry to hear bout yours.


2008-11-20 01:23:46

sorry to hear that.
my condolences...
whatever they may be worth to you.

hopefully, things will look up for you soon.



2009-12-04 21:09:51

I don't care what your situation is. You have some balls to say that my music infringes copyrights because I didn't make it (which I actually did), put up something that does infringe copyrights, and then expect sympathy because of all your problems. If you have to work three jobs and take care of a pregnant girlfriend and a virus-infested computer, then don't make music and flame other people for no reason. Obviously, you don't have the time to concentrate, and after you go around doing reckless crap like this, no one's gonna want to hear your sob stories.